Tips For Buying Summer Tires

As soon as spring approaches, many drivers have to buy new summer tires because the old ones no longer meet the requirements. The quality is an important criterion when buying summer tires, because it determines the driving behavior, the length of the braking distance, the fuel consumption and the smoothness. In addition, a cheap tire can have a negative impact on driving behavior in poor road conditions and, in the worst case, lead to an accident.

When buying summer tires, pay attention to the size

Although the automobile manufacturers sometimes allow different tire sizes, the load capacity index and the speed symbol should be appropriate for the car. These symbols are also called homologation. However, approved tire sizes and indexes should always be selected when buying summer tires, as only they guarantee the full load-bearing capacity of the vehicle. If incorrect sizes are used, there is a risk that this will adversely affect important functions such as ESP, ABS or ASR. However, minor deviations from the manufacturer’s specifications are to be tolerated. However, with the various tire sizes, these must not exceed the permitted tire height of the car. The wrong tire size can also increase fuel consumption and falsify the display on the odometer. If you want an alternative tire size, you can test your options with a tire size calculator.

Select only approved tire sizes when buying summer tires

When buying summer tires, the speed symbols as well as the load capacity figures must not exceed the permitted values. If the car owner uses tires that have lower values, this may be punishable under certain circumstances. as they reduce driving safety or can lead to uncontrolled driving behavior. If there is also an accident, the insurer can also refuse to pay compensation because these tires do not meet the requirements of the car manufacturer. That is why the values ​​when buying summer tires should be adhered to in order to avoid possible difficulties. However, if you want to use tires with a higher value as a speed symbol, you can use them without any problems, as there are hardly any differences in driving behavior or driving safety.

How many tires should be changed?

When buying summer tires, the question often arises whether all four tires or only two tires need to be replaced. Buying four new summer tires is always the best solution for the vehicle. It is legal to use different tires, but the tires on one axle must be the same. So tires of different brands can be mounted on the front or rear axle. When buying summer tires, it is also important to achieve the highest possible level of driving safety, and this is only possible if the car owner goes to buy four identical summer tires. Because two different tires also mean that both axles have different braking behavior, which also has a lasting effect on driving comfort.